Hands Up: Treat yourself to a DIY hand massage

It is easy to take your hands for granted. These hard-working appendages are constantly on the move … grabbing, lifting, carrying, typing, scratching, writing … you can imagine that the myriad muscles, bones, tendons and nerves that make up the complex mechanisms in your hands get pooped after a day on the job.

When you are feeling worn out, give yourself a boost with some hand reflexology. Not only can a self-applied hand massage help your hands, fingers and arms to feel revived, this sensitive nerve system can trigger stress relief for the whole body.

Getting Ready
Create a delicious-scented and effective massage tool with our creamy Naked Base lotion and a combination of three essential oils perfect to treat your delicate hands and fingers … certified organic clove, frankincense and juniper essential oils. This combination of oils works on a deep level to warm, purify, and nourish the skin of your hands. Two drops of each oil in two tablespoons of the Naked Base lotion will do the trick. Add more or less, depending on your preference and the sensitivity of your skin, and blend well. Apply the lotion to your hand before and during the massage to keep your skin slick. This will allow your thumb and fingers to more easily slide across your skin so it won’t become irritated by too much friction.

As you do the following techniques, breathe in deeply through your nose and out through the mouth. Breathing is as important as the massage itself, and it may be wise to take ten deep breaths prior to and after the massage to trigger the stress relief and further enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of this balancing and calming essential oil combination.

The Technique
Loosen your hands up. Shake them out and wiggle your fingers about. Stretch your hands by flexing them as wide as you can, and then make a fist. Bend your wrists with your hands points down, and then flex your hand up and down several times. Continue to use these techniques for about one minute before you begin to massage your hands.

With a good amount of lotion, pinch the tips of each finger and thumb on both hands. The pressure applied to your fingers should be firm, but not painful. Some people enjoy the sensation of pinching the fingertip from side to side.

Move your thumb along the edges of your palm. Use short, caterpillar-like movements, going up and down, and working your way from the inside to the outside of your palm. Use a pressure that you are comfortable with … start off with light pressure and then work your way towards a deeper massage. Concentrate on any tender, sore, or tight spots.

When you reach the finger, continue upward. Squeeze along the sides of your fingers, too. Repeat this for every finger. Then reverse your hand placement. Switch your massaging hand so that your hand is wrapped over the top with your fingers facing down. Your thumb should still be laying on your palm. Now, you can work on the pressure point area of your palm, between your thumb and index finger … an area very receptive to positive touch.

Apply pressure to the webbed area between your fingers. Use your thumb and index finger to make small, circular motions that helps with tension release. Hold pressure as long as it feels comfortable.

Massage your forearm. Circle thumb and finger around your forearm and slide it down toward the wrist. The muscles of your hand continue clear to your elbow, so this is an important step to release tension in your hands.

Repeat these steps with your other hand, then shake it out. After you are finished, open and close your hand and wiggle your fingers.

And of course, with the flexibility and of the Naked Base lotion, this is only the beginning. See how it works for you, and then adjust the ratio of oils to meet your needs. Or, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the mix. Use this lotion to make the experience as personal as you want it to be.

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