Balanced Morning Support for the “Other” Morning People

We’ll admit it … not everyone is a morning person. But everyone has to face the day, for better or worse. For those of us who prefer the sun be solidly overhead, those crack of dawn mornings can be tough. If you have a night-owl in your home, there is essential oil support to ease them up and at ‘em.

You probably already know the bright power that citrus essential oils can bring to an early morning … wake up with energy, motivation and focus. But if energy, motivation and focus are just a little too much for your psyche, you may need a more nuanced approach – less of a citrus blast, and more of a persistent and natural nudge to a good morning.

If you aren’t naturally a morning person, try a combination of these distinctly helpful essential oils to help you get your feet on the ground and your buttons in the right holes. Each of these tools has its own strengths and benefits for the a.m.-challenged. In combination, they may be just the right fit to make your morning a little easier.

Clove. The warm and spicy strength of our certified organic clove essential oil works to help you feel alert and engaged while reducing feelings of stress and distraction. Use in the morning if you need to focus your mind on the day ahead.

Fennel. The strength and persistent balance lent by our certified organic fennel essential oil is an effective way to help your mind and body regain balance in the morning. Especially effective for those who need help settling their stomach before eating a good breakfast.

Ginger. The sweet and motivating aroma of certified organic ginger essential oil is a great solution for those who need pure physical support in the morning. Best for when your muscles and joints need direct warmth and support for your day.

Wintergreen. The kick of sweet certified organic wintergreen essential oil works to get your head in shape for the day. Enjoy the aromatic benefits of this sweet scent to help ease tension in your head and find focus.

Ease Into Morning Body Wash

1 drop certified organic Clove
1 drop certified organic Fennel
1 drop certified organic Ginger
2 drops certified organic Wintergreen
Approximately 8 oz Naked Body Wash

Add essential oils to body wash and combine well. Use in the shower to ease into the morning for focus, balance and energy for your day.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.