Supporting School Kids with Protect Body Wash

The beginning of the school year holds a lot of ironies. For the last three weeks of summer vacation, for instance, you couldn’t wait for the kids to finally head back to the classroom … and then you cried when they finally went. Or how about this one … your kids spend the entire summer in great health building mud castles, licking things at the park, and kissing the dog on his lips … and then they get sick the second week of school – by sitting in a classroom, of all things.

It’s ironic … but it’s not funny. Kids tend to get sick when they go back to school for a number of reasons – a new environment can contain triggers such as dust mites, mold, or chemicals. The close contact with other people in schools can also allow sickness to spread more easily. And the back-to-school schedule also happens to coincide with a change in the seasons that can bring on maladies.

With all of these factors, solid immunity support is important. Children and adults should wash hands properly. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or shirt sleeve. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. And keep your bottle of Naked Body Wash spiked with our powerful certified organic Protect Blend in the bathroom for daily exposure.

Everyone knows that you should keep frequently touched surfaces clean and disinfected, especially if someone is ill – but you don’t often think of hands and bodies being one of those surfaces. Washing daily with this powerful mix will help your whole family to feel healthy and defended in public places like classrooms. Protect is formulated with certified organic orange, cinnamon bark, melaleuca, clove and rosemary essential oils … a delicious smelling combination for feelings of deep clean and protection for your whole family.

Other good health habits can also help keep your kids healthy this time of year. Getting enough exercise and sleep, managing stress, and consuming recommended amounts of fluids and nutritious foods will keep kids healthy, happy, and on time for the school bus.

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