Three tricks to face tummy trouble with essential oils

Nothing can derail a day quite like unexpected gastrointestinal distress. But don’t let tummy trouble keep you off your feet for long. Essential oils can help to ease symptoms, recover your equilibrium more quickly, and even stop the trouble before it starts. Try these tricks to ease feelings of stomach upset with natural essential oils.

Stop the trouble before it starts. Whether it is accidental overindulgence on Taco Tuesday or forgetting that your lactose intolerance actually does still include chocolate chunk ice cream, some gut problems are a result of poor food choices. Essential oils can help tame an unruly appetite before it gets you into deep water, gastrointestinally speaking. Diffusing certified organic grapefruit essential oil or a combination of certified organic peppermint and your favorite bright citrus oil can help to curb an unhealthy or unreasonable appetite and let your brain make smarter food decisions in the first place.

Support your gut from the outside. Often, stomach problems are really muscle problems. Discomfort in the gut is often caused by cramping of the muscles in your abdomen and around your intestines. Ease muscle discomfort from the outside by massaging a dilution of N8 Essential’s certified organic Digest Blend across your abdomen and lower back for feelings of calm comfort and relief. Dilute the full-strength blend with a neutral carrier oil and massage it gently with your fingers into problem areas to ease feelings of cramping and discomfort. Some people also find gut relief by massaging essential oils into their feet, using a reflexology chart to target specific areas of the body.

Take a breathe. Use the remarkable power of aromatherapy to support your gut and get yourself out of tummy trouble. Breathe the diffused scent of certified organic ginger and peppermint essential oil to calm feelings of gut upset and get yourself back on your feet when stomach discomfort tries to hijack you day. Keep a pre-mixed combination in your car and use on in a portable diffuser or on a tissue when you are on the go, especially for feelings of motion sickness.

Tummy Tamer Recipe
2 drops certified organic peppermint
2 drops certified organic lemon
2 drops certified organic grapefruit

Combine all oils in a diffuser with room temperature water. Mist when you need gut support, breathing deeply while in a seated or relaxed, reclined position. Alternatively, use any combination of your favorite citrus oils for a personalized twist … certified organic tangerine, lime, sweet orange, even bergamot.

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