Take Down Your Daily Stress with Essential Oils

There’s a good kind of stress – the sneaker-wearing, get-your-heart-pumping, ready-for-anything alertness that serves you well when you do parkour or babysit a three-year-old. And then there’s the bad kind of stress: no sneakers, no sweat, and no benefits … just a pounding heart, strained muscles and a head that feels like it might implode.

It can be difficult to minimize the bad kind of stress in your life. It takes practice and intention … and a little bit of help. There are some things you can do to help your body let go of negative stress and find better relaxation – and essential oils are part of the solution.

Breathe. When you feel your blood pressure start to rise, take a few minutes out of each day to focus on breathing. Sit in a relaxed position in a relatively quiet place. Apply Tranquil lotion to your hands and massage gently into your palms, fingertips and wrists. Cup your hands over your mouth for a moment, breathing in the beneficial scent. Slowly inhale through the nose, feeling the breath start in your abdomen and work its way to the top of your head. Reverse the process as you exhale through your mouth.

Reach Out. Your social network is one of your best tools for handling stress. Talk to others — preferably face to face. Share what’s going on. You can get a fresh perspective while keeping your relationships strong. If the first step toward social connection seems a bit overwhelming, breathe the bright and energetic scent of citrus – certified organic orange, lemon or lime – to help feel more socially adaptable and boost your willingness to connect emotionally with others.

Get Moving. You don’t have to be a runner to get a natural runner’s high. All kinds of exercise, including yoga, walking, even stretching – can ease mental pressure by helping the brain release feel-good chemicals and by giving your body a chance to process stress. Go for a quick walk around the block, take the stairs up and down a few flights, or do some stretching exercises like touching your toes, swinging wide your arms or shrugging your shoulders.

Take a moment to relax. You deserve it. It’s good for your long-term health and it takes less time out of your day than you might think. And essential oils can get you further toward your relaxation goals in a natural way.

Friendship Diffuser Blend Recipe
2 drops certified organic orange
2 drops certified organic lime
2 drops certified organic patchouli

Combine all oils in a diffuser with room temperature water. Mist before social interaction – meetings, conversations, family events, time with kids – to boost feelings of energy, social prowess adaptability and emotional connection.

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