Tranquil Blend: a stress-melting combination of aromatherapy strength

If you’ve ever experienced the deep stress-defying effects of N8 Essential’s certified organic Tranquil blend, you’ll know that this powerful combination of essential oils works on both a mental and physical level to reduce feelings of tension, improve emotional balance and eliminate feelings of stress. But how does it work? It’s not magic … it’s actually the sweet combination of premium essential oils for relaxation and focus that create a stress-melting synergy.

Organic Lavender. The sweet and mellow aroma of certified organic lavender supports emotional well-being with natural de-stressing properties. With an aroma that is sweet and floral with just a hint of woody spice, it has the capacity to fill a room with a gentle scent to calm and soothe tense muscles and overworked minds. Certified organic lavender is also beneficial to help you keep better sleeping patterns at night.

Organic Ylang Ylang. This delicate and exotic scent has the unique ability to create emotional and physical connections. Certified organic ylang ylang essential oil is a naturally strengthening tool for relationships, emotional balance and mental health. This powerfully sweet scent opens emotional roadblocks, softens negative attitudes and communicates intention. It’s especially effective for releasing and channeling sensitive energy and for improving the mood.

Organic Marjoram. The bracing herbal scent of certified organic Marjoram provides a stable foundation to benefit your whole body. It has the power to balance your mood, promote focus and clarity, and to tap emotional resources when you need them most. Organic marjoram also bolsters large muscles when they are feeling sore, fatigued, or out of sorts. Use after strenuous workouts to give your muscles feelings of recovery and endurance.

Organic Vetiver. The warm, cedar-and-grass aroma of certified organic vetiver is a mesmerizing and stirring foundation that can be used to calm nerves, refresh attention, and boost mood and energy. This sweet and smoky scent has singular aromatherapy power in itself, but can also augment the benefits of other essential oils. Enjoy the scentfor better connection and community on an emotional level, and for energy, strength, and skin health on a physical one. It can support healthy immune function, and can help to focus, de-stress, calm, or build emotional strength.

Organic Orange. Certified organic orange essential oil has a fresh, sweet, and vibrant smell that will fill your rooms with cheerful scent. Use it to feed your citrus cravings with a bright kick of pure aromatherapy energy. Improve your mood, uncover optimism, fight intermittent fatigue and calm occasional nausea with this essential oil. The sunny scent can improve your mood on a dark day, especially in winter when sunlight is in short supply.

Each natural ingredient in the Tranquil blend is powerful and dynamic on its own, but together they create something bigger than the sum of the parts – a natural synergy that works on a deep level to melt away stress, fatigue, and distraction.

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