Naturally Healthy and Beautiful Fingernails

I always aspire to healthy, lovely, shapely fingernails. When I have well-coiffed hands it makes me feel like such … an adult. Back in middle school my health teacher warned that if I ever showed up to an interview with ragged, dirty fingernails, it would be the death knell for the first impression, the job, and probably for my ten-year career plan.

The problem is, I live life. I scrub dishes, pull weeds and knead dough. I use my fingernails to scrape gum off the carpet, pull scones out of hot oil and pry open that last, stubborn pistachio. My hands and nails do good work … and sometimes it shows. The harder I work, the more attention I need to give to my nails to keep them looking presentable.

Essential oils are a great natural tool for keeping fingernails looking young, feeling strong and growing long. Certain essential oils can promote faster growth, strengthen your nails and prevent breakage. Use the essential oil for your choice in a nail-strengthening serum (or try the recipe below).

  • Certified organic Myrrh essential oil is an all-around winner for nail growth. It has unique moisturizing properties that protect cuticles from excess dryness and nails from brittleness, thinning and easy breakage.
  • Versatile certified organic lavender essential oil strengthens nail beds and has protective properties for the cuticle.
  • Certified organic tea tree essential oil clears yellowing nails and creates a healthy sheen.
  • Certified organic frankincense gives protection against cuticle peeling and fights environmental stressors that slow down growth.
  • Certified organic geranium restores damaged and fatigued nails and feeds the cuticles for better growth.

Develop healthy habits to keep fingernails long and lovely. For example, as tempting as it is, don’t ever cut your cuticles – they serve an important purpose in shielding the growth part of the nail and keeping out bacteria. For better growth, make sure you are getting proper nutrition for your whole body. Eat foods rich in omega three fatty acids such as salmon, flax seeds, walnuts, beans, chia seeds, eggs and spinach. Make sure you are getting plenty of water throughout the day. Long-term dehydration can cause hard, brittle or weak nails. And finally, occasionally work to pamper your nails. Once a month rub your nails with essential oil and moisturizer, or use the Armor Serum below.

Nail Armor Recipe

  • 1 oz Dropper Bottle
  • 15 drops of Lavender essential oil
  • 15 drops of Frankincense essential oil
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 2 Vitamin E Oil Capsules

Add essential oils to dropper bottle. Cut open vitamin E capsules and squeeze into bottle. Fill the bottle with fractionated coconut oil (alternately use jojoba or avocado oil). Screw the lid on tightly and shake to combine. At least once a month place a few drops of the blend onto a cotton swab and rub over nails to soften cuticles and strengthen nail growth. Try other essential oils to determine what works best for your beautiful fingers!

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