Just the Essentials: Using Essential Oils around Children

If you are a parent, you probably already understand benefits of using essential oils to support your own mental, emotional, and physical health. Because parents need all the support they can get. But did you also know that essential oils, when used properly, can benefit kids’ lives too?

The sweet smell of N8 Essential’s certified organic Protect blend can give feelings of defense against whatever bug happens to be going around at school or on the playground. The diffused aroma of sweet Energize blend helps get little feet moving in the morning and assists with unsettled tummies. From calming nerves to improving moods, essential oils can make life with your rugrats just a little bit sweeter.

The place to start is with questions. Start a conversation with your healthcare professional. She can answer specific questions about using essential oils and blends around your child, and can advise about specific circumstances and concerns. Bring a list of the ingredients in the blend you want to ask about, and be prepared to describe how you plan to use it. This will allow your doctor to give you the best information for your circumstances.

Kids don’t understand the concentrated nature of essential oils – but the sweet smell may entice them to experiment if they get their sticky little hands on a bottle. This could be dangerous. Certain essential oils can be toxic if ingested, and irritating if overused on the skin. Always keep your essential oil collection well out of reach of children and babies. No oil should never be ingested by children, and remember that adults, not children, should always be in charge of oil application.

Some oils will help your child sleep better (certified organic lavender), feel better during a cold (certified organic bergamot), and be able to better concentrate (certified organic orange). But not all oils are safe to use around kids under the age of 12. Peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary, for instance, should be avoided because they can trigger dangerously slow breathing in young children. Some oils (cinnamon, clove) are spicy enough to irritate sensitive kid skin. Do your homework about which oils and blends will work for your family, and start slow to observe for irritation or adverse reaction.

Essential oils are a powerful tool, and can make your home a healthier and happier place to be. The more you know, the more you are empowered to make good decisions for your entire family, and keep them healthy, energetic, happy, and all-natural.

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