Just the Essentials: Using Essential Oils around Children

If you are a parent, you probably already understand benefits of using essential oils to support your own mental, emotional, and physical health. Because parents need all the support they can get. But did you also know that essential oils, when used properly, can benefit kids’ lives too? The sweet smell of N8 Essential’s certified organic Protect blend can give … Read More

Home Sweet Home: Best Practices for Kids & Essential Oils

Your cheeky child may think she is four-years-old going-on-forty, but in reality children’s bodies are not miniature versions of adults. Your kids’ physique works in a different way than yours. They require a special approach when using essential oils – but with a little bit of know-how you can keep your mini-me healthy, happy and naturally safe with essential oils. … Read More

Healthy Feet from Heel to Toe

Outside the occasional foot massage, people tend not to think too much about their toes … until something goes wrong. But a surprising amount of things can actually go wrong with your poor piggies, and they need your attention to stay healthy, beautiful, and strong. One of the most common foot challenges people face is the unwelcome reality of thick, … Read More

Naturally Healthy and Beautiful Fingernails

I always aspire to healthy, lovely, shapely fingernails. When I have well-coiffed hands it makes me feel like such … an adult. Back in middle school my health teacher warned that if I ever showed up to an interview with ragged, dirty fingernails, it would be the death knell for the first impression, the job, and probably for my ten-year … Read More

DIY Sugar Scrub Bars for Easy Exfoliation with Essential Oils

Who doesn’t love the young, silky-smooth feeling of your hands, elbows, feet and face after a gentle and thorough exfoliating scrub. It’s like the process uncovers the glamorous china-sleek model skin you’ve had hiding underneath your whole life. But even I have to admit that I often skip this step during my ten-minute bathroom rush in the morning … it … Read More

Gingerbread Sugar Scrub for Happy, Healthy Feet

Run, run as fast as you can! Let’s face it, you’ll probably catch me within the first two meters because I’m getting too old to sprint. I may be slow, but I still love to run, walk, hike, trot, and saunter – and my hardworking feet do the brunt of the work. This year I’ve spent more time listening to … Read More

Tranquil Blend: a stress-melting combination of aromatherapy strength

If you’ve ever experienced the deep stress-defying effects of N8 Essential’s certified organic Tranquil blend, you’ll know that this powerful combination of essential oils works on both a mental and physical level to reduce feelings of tension, improve emotional balance and eliminate feelings of stress. But how does it work? It’s not magic … it’s actually the sweet combination of … Read More

Take Down Your Daily Stress with Essential Oils

There’s a good kind of stress – the sneaker-wearing, get-your-heart-pumping, ready-for-anything alertness that serves you well when you do parkour or babysit a three-year-old. And then there’s the bad kind of stress: no sneakers, no sweat, and no benefits … just a pounding heart, strained muscles and a head that feels like it might implode. It can be difficult to … Read More

Maintaining daily energy without sugar and caffeine

Here’s a tough question to pose to yourself – can your body get through the day on its own reserves? Or do you routinely rely on outside stimulation … sugar and caffeine … to make it through to evening? If you’ve come to rely on outside crutches to muscle through your day, you need to ask yourself … why? If … Read More

Make for More Pleasant Mornings with Teens

If you’ve ever shared a house with a teenager (bless you and your cardiovascular health), then you’ll understand the challenge of trying and getting their lanky, unreasonably long limbs untangled from the quilts and balanced on their colossal feet before noon. Medical professionals know that kids need more sleep … and parents know that teenagers often choose not to get it. … Read More