Travel easier with the benefits of essential oils

Unless you’ve somehow tapped into Captain Kirk’s teleportation technology, travel is not easy. It’s never fun to stay cramped for hours behind a steering wheel or belted into a tiny and remarkably uncomfortable airline seat. It only gets more challenging if you have a kid strapped in a car seat just eight inches behind your head for hours at a … Read More

Three tricks to face tummy trouble with essential oils

Nothing can derail a day quite like unexpected gastrointestinal distress. But don’t let tummy trouble keep you off your feet for long. Essential oils can help to ease symptoms, recover your equilibrium more quickly, and even stop the trouble before it starts. Try these tricks to ease feelings of stomach upset with natural essential oils. Stop the trouble before it … Read More

Be bright eyed with essential oils for under-eye refreshers

My best Halloween look seems to be in the morning, unfortunately. Sometimes I wake up puffy-eyed from a night’s rest, making me appear as if I’ve escaped from Hogwarts for the first few hours of the day. As I age it gets worse. I’m not alone – mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes is common as you get older. … Read More

Oil pulling and bad breath – ancient solutions to a modern problem

  I really thought we’d have flying cars by now. And robot maids. Based on the TV programing of my childhood, it’s where I believed we were headed. Not only don’t we have those conveniences, we’ve still yet to find a better solution for defrosting car windows or curing the common cold. It’s a constant shock to me that despite … Read More

Mist Opportunity: Diffusing without a Diffuser

  Sometimes it’s your turn on center stage, spotlight firmly shining on your smiling face. Other times it feels right to take a more subtle approach – hanging out in the orchestra pit, for instance, or in the concession stand. Ultrasonic diffusers are a “center stage” method of dispersing essential oils. These beautiful and showy electronic products usually are designed … Read More

Easy DIY Soy Candle

  When the weather turns cool and the sun drops below the horizon earlier every evening, who doesn’t love the warm ambiance of a flickering candle and the sweet natural scent of essential oils? Combining essential oils with soy candles gives them a clean, warm, nurturing scent. Soy wax is simple to work with, easy to melt, and a cinch … Read More

Warm and Welcoming Family Scents for Indoor Time

Fall is here, and you can definitely feel it. Red leaves tumble to the ground and the morning air greets you with a crisp bite. There is a transition happening at our house too. Windows that have remained (more or less) open since the middle of May get pulled resignedly closed. The black canvas cover is pulled over the grill … Read More

Wood, Citrus and Spice: The Best Scents for the Fall

It has been said that autumn is the year’s last, loveliest smile. There is certainly plenty to smile about this time of year. The intense colors on the horizon, the warm scent of apple and earth, and the cool air outside the window make you really aware of just how alive the world is … for now. Winter is on … Read More

Essential oils for Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Whether you are a diamond diva or a low-maintenance mama, investing in the health of your skin with regular care not only protects this important part of your body from the harsh effects of the environment, but keeps you looking and feeling your best. The key to resilient skin is understanding what your skin needs and treating it well. The … Read More

Keeping Skincare Simple with Essential Oils

True beauty is certainly more than skin deep – we all know that – but skin is still pretty darn important. It is literally the face that we show to the world and our barrier between it. It can convey our personality, communicate our emotions, and keep us protected from harsh environments and germs. Of course, we want to take … Read More