Pamper Your Hair Naturally with Essential Oils

Generally, you are probably a pretty nice person, right? But you aren’t very nice to your hair. If you are like most women, you’ve probably already heaped on a bit of mistreatment today … applying a detergent-based shampoo to scrub out yesterday’s hairspray, blowing it dry as you yank, twist and tease your locks to achieve the style du jour. … Read More

Helping Hair and Scalp with Remarkable Rosemary

Rosemary works great at dinnertime … who knew that it would also be a great tool for your scalp and hair? This woody, bracing, herbal-green plant is both a culinary favorite when fresh and a scalp and hair restorative in its essential oil form. It’s been used in both ways dating back centuries. Rosemary is simple to use at home, … Read More

Supporting School Kids with Protect Body Wash

The beginning of the school year holds a lot of ironies. For the last three weeks of summer vacation, for instance, you couldn’t wait for the kids to finally head back to the classroom … and then you cried when they finally went. Or how about this one … your kids spend the entire summer in great health building mud … Read More

Balanced Morning Support for the “Other” Morning People

We’ll admit it … not everyone is a morning person. But everyone has to face the day, for better or worse. For those of us who prefer the sun be solidly overhead, those crack of dawn mornings can be tough. If you have a night-owl in your home, there is essential oil support to ease them up and at ‘em. … Read More

Hands Up: Treat yourself to a DIY hand massage

It is easy to take your hands for granted. These hard-working appendages are constantly on the move … grabbing, lifting, carrying, typing, scratching, writing … you can imagine that the myriad muscles, bones, tendons and nerves that make up the complex mechanisms in your hands get pooped after a day on the job. When you are feeling worn out, give … Read More

Bounce back from summer skin with Naked Base recipe

Between the intense beach sitting, marathon weed-pulling and eating peaches like there’s no tomorrow, you’d probably agree that these last few months of summer should be classified as epic. But now there’s a price to pay … and I’m not talking about all the piles of sand that need to be vacuumed out of your minivan. I’m talking about your … Read More

Creating a Naturally Allergy-Free Living Space

Experiencing unexpected allergies is about as fun as climbing a cactus. Just when you think you’ll get something done in a day … BAM! Your lungs, eyes, skin or mucous membranes decide to spring some histamine reaction to make things a little more complicated. Essential oils can be used as an alternative or complementary treatment for allergy symptoms, but a … Read More

Fighting Fall Allergies with Certified Organic Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know the begrudging resentment of watching the world ease into the calm and cool beauty of autumn – while you and your puffy face are stuck in a mire of damp tissues, itchy tears, and sneezing fits. Seasonal allergies are – quite literally – a headache. They generally peak when outdoor molds release … Read More

Super-Customize Your Exfoliating Scrub

  Nothing can make you feel younger, healthier and more radiant than a good exfoliating scrub. This spa technique removes dull and dead cells from the surface of your skin to make room for the smooth, glowing, and healthy skin underneath. You probably know how easy it is to create a customized sugar-scrub exfoliant for your skin type with your … Read More

Enjoy a Smooth and Healthy Complexion with a DIY Scrub

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to experience a full-body scrub at a high-end spa or salon, you’ll know the (somewhat weird) sensation of wanting to stroke your skin as if you were your own puppy. Everything is so soft after a good exfoliation. If I could, I’d submit myself to the experience weekly. But who has the time (or … Read More